Plangamy Education is an EdTech company that offers popularly spoken languages across 6 continents integrated on one platform assuring you the most advanced experience. These customized courses will fit perfectly into your portfolio regardless of the region or your academic background. And our way of teaching will cater to all your requirements as our classes adhere to global standards. Welcome to the work on online learning! Wondering what’s so great about it? No limits to Space and Time. Time zone is just a digit Interact with people miles away Its more engaging No compromises on your present schedule.

Plangamy provides language courses in French, Spanish, German, English, Mandarin, and Japanese. We plan to start more courses soon- keep checking our website for more details.

Learning foreign languages is an asset at any age. They help you grow in your career and education. The Language Network has the best trainers, curated syllabus, and timing suited to your needs. Our language programs are bilingual, highly structured and multimedia integrated. Did you know being very proficient in English is not a compulsion as generalized by most of the students? Learning languages always improves performance in other academic areas and increases networking skills. It widens job prospects in the majority of domains. Some of them to mention are Manufacturing industries, Service Sector, Tourism or Medical Tourism. Learning languages opens doors to new opportunities ranging from studying abroad to working and expanding business across the globe. As rightly said, languages are the doorways to trade.

A typical class lasts for 1 hour, either on weekdays or on weekends depending on your choice of batch. The classes are designed to suit each age group of kids, adolescents, or adults.

We at Plangamy offer you the choice to join Group classes, Duo Classes and Individual Classes. Individual and Duo classes offer personal attention, greater understanding, and detailed study of the language. Group classes on the other hand, offer more interaction, speaking practice, and people to practice the language with.

Our trainers are open to solving any doubts you might have- both in class and outside it. During the time of the class, preferably towards the end of each session, approx. 10 mins would be held for clearing any doubts. In case there are any more, just email your doubts to (connect@plangamy.com) or your respective Class Message Groups and rest assured, your doubts will be cleared.

We provide soft copies of the books during the time of enrolments. Students can take a print of the same.

The classes will be convened via Zoom Platform.

No trouble there! You can easily learn with Plangamy across all devices, be it mobile, tab, laptops/PCs.

Plangamy offers Remedial/Doubt classes, twice a month over weekends, where one can clear their doubts. For the course you are enrolled in, no missed classes will be compensated other than the Individual Learning Classes.

We hire Experienced Teachers / Faculties and industry experts in order to ensure international training standards. Our aim is to provide tailored courses for all types of students, whether beginner level or expert level. Our courses range from crash course to long term courses. The classes are accompanied by authentic course materials, live examples, audios, videos, discussion, case studies, group study, practice test, and interactive study tasks. We are not just limited to training but also to help you for exam preparation and better scoring.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. This makes it easy for anyone involved in language teaching and testing, such as teachers or learners, to see the level of different qualifications. It also means that employers and educational institutions can easily compare our qualifications to other exams in their country. Plangamy follows the CEFR guideline for language learning hours prescribed for each subsequent level.

YES! Absolutely! You can take long term Bundle Courses (A1 to B1.2/B2.2) as well as Individual Level Courses (A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2 and so on..) suited to your learning needs.

Yes! We offer third party financial facility for zero cost EMI's option for your course. Please note: Plangamy will share your details with a third-party financial organization which will provide a loan facility for your course. Plangamy is not responsible for the decline of any loan.

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