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Scholastic Aptitude Test, commonly known as SAT is an entrance test conducted by the College Board. Candidates take SAT to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad. SAT test is an MCQ-based test that is conducted over paper and pencil. SAT registration can be processed 5 weeks before the exam date. College Board SAT is conducted 7 times yearly depending upon the region and is held at least 5 times a year in most of the countries. The 2 main areas of SAT are evidence-based reading and writing, math, and an optional writing section. Candidates are required to answer 154 questions in the duration of 3 hours. SAT score range is from 400-1600 which is accepted widely for admission in undergraduate programs. Candidates need to pay SAT exam fee of $101 without the optional essay and $117 with the optional essay.

Types of SAT Exam

There are 2 types of SAT Academic exam

Reasoning Test

The SAT Reasoning Test assesses the candidate's understanding of reading, writing, and mathematics which are taught in high school. The complete duration of SAT exam is 3hrs and 50mins. The primary objective of the exam is to assess the student's skills that have been taught in schools, which is very important and will stay with the student lifelong. The SAT exam analyzes the candidates on the basis of their understanding of Reading, Writing, and Quantitative Aptitude in general.

Subject Test

The SAT Subject Test assesses the knowledge of a candidate in specific subjects. The SAT exam is an hour-long in duration and is developed content-based that allows students to display achievement in specific subject areas where they excel. The SAT Subject Test can be taken in the following subjects - English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages.


Not all colleges/ universities demand students to take the SAT Subject Test and thus, students should check with their respective colleges/ universities before appearing for the exam.


Aspirants who wish to pursue their study abroad can either opt for the SAT Reasoning Test or SAT Subject test depending on the basis of college/course requirements. Candidates are required to register for the SAT well in advance to avoid any last-minute fuss. Candidates can choose from the given SAT dates and Test Centres that are most convenient to them.


Organized by the College Board, SAT 1 or commonly cited as the Scholastic Assessment Test is required to be taken by students seeking admission to undergraduate schools. SAT 1 is a general test that has been developed to assess the Written, Verbal and Mathematical Skills of the students who wish to study overseas.


On the other hand, SAT 2 is a subject-based test. Students who wish to get admission to a specific course are required to take the SAT Subject Test to display their knowledge of that particular subject.

Eligibility Criteria for SAT?

There are no specific eligibility criteria for SAT is set by the College Board. Students who wish to appear for SAT needs to go through the following minor criteria:

1. Age Limit

There is no minimum or maximum age limit is required to apply for SAT. Studies have shown that students in the age group of 17 to 19 are among the highest to appear for SAT.

2. Academic Qualification

There are no specific educational qualification restrictions are there to apply for SAT. SAT can be taken by students who are in high school and want to apply for undergraduate studies abroad.

3. Number of attempts for the SAT exams

Candidates can take SAT exam as many times as they want, there are no restrictions set by the conducting body.

4. ID Proof

SAT eligibility criteria include having a Passport or a valid Aadhar card. It should be having a photograph, name, and signature on it.

SAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus

SAT Exam Pattern:

Section Time in Minutes Number of Questions
SAT Reading 65 52
SAT Writing and Language 35 44
Math No-Calculator 25 20
Math Calculator 55 38
Essay (optional) 50 50
Total: 3 hours, 50 minutes (3 hours without essay) 154 (+1 essay prompt)

SAT Exam Syallabus :

SAT Subject SAT Syllabus SAT Test Pattern
58 questions
This section includes questions on problem-solving, data analysis, algebra, and advanced math. Duration: 80 minutes
Score: 200-800
52 questions
This section includes questions on Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and world Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences. Duration: 65 minutes
Score Range: 200-800
(combined with Writing Section)
Writing and Language
44 questions
This section includes questions on, expression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages related to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences. Duration: 35 minutes
Score Range: 200-800
(combined with Reading Section)
Essay (optional)
One optional essay
Essay (optional)
One optional essay
Duration: 50 minutes
not scored
154 questions
  Duration: 3 hours (with optional 50 minutes)
Score: 1600

What kind of Questions are Asked in SAT?

The SAT test includes 154 multiple-choice (MCQs) questions and 1 options essay. Different type of SAT questions are :

Sections Type of questions
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis (17 questions)
  • Passport to Advanced Math (16 questions)
  • Passport to Advanced Math (16 questions)
  • Heart of Algebra (19 questions)
  • Command of Evidence (10 questions)
  • Words in Context (10 questions)
  • Analysis (32 questions)
  • Expression of Ideas (24 questions)
  • Standard English Conventions (20 questions)

Score for SAT:

Components Description Score Range
Total Score The aggregate of the two section scores 400 - 1600
400–1600 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math Sections 200 - 800
Test Scores Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Sections. 10 - 40
SAT Essay Scores (optional) Reading, Analysis, and Writing. 2 - 8
Cross-Test These scores show how well you use your skills to analyze texts and solve problems in these subject areas. 10 - 40
Sub Scores Reading and Writing and Language: Command of Evidence and Words in Context.
Writing and Language: Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions.
Math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.
1 - 1

SAT  Scholarships

One of the biggest hurdles of studying abroad is having to pay tuition fees in foreign currency clubbed with high living expenses. Due to such reasons, a lot of times, many students are unable to go abroad and end up settling down for other alternatives. However, with the availability of various education loans and scholarship options, students can finally make their dream come true of study abroad. Scholarships are available on the official website of each college along with other fellowships and grants that are awarded to deserving candidates. Students can also opt for education loans from financial institutions for studying overseas.

Exam  Information :

Exam Name SAT
SAT full form Scholastic Assessment Test
Official Website  Visit Now
Most popular for Undergraduate courses in the US and Canada
Also accepted by The United Kingdom and Australia
Conducted by The College Board
The College Board Written-Based examination
SAT Fee $104 without the essay and $117 with essay
Score Range 400-1600 points

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