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Started in 2018 and formerly known as Buoyancy Education, Plangamy is an Ed-Tech company focused on helping academic institutions, healthcare organizations, corporate workforce and individuals learn foreign languages.

Our team consists of language experts who passionately believe in helping individuals become global citizens by expanding their reach and hence bringing people closer than ever. Our team has travelled widely and have experienced various cultures and traditions all across the globe, created relations with native individuals and groups to help us bring you the best services you desire.

We now reach out to explore potential collaboration with you in order to enhance the quality of education that is mutually beneficial. We have been partnering with many reputed academic institutions to offer a customized, scientifically designed language learning curriculum for varied demographic of learners.

Through our partnership, we aim to add value to the learning objectives of students as well as the institution by creating additional revenue streams along with an enhanced brand image. We have been conducting successful webinars to create a convenient language learning space for budding generations and emerging leaders.

In this ever-changing world, being multilingual is not just a good skill, but a necessity, especially considering the inter-connectedness of the global community. The nature of the feeling may differ, but the gratification is the same. It is bound to bring you closer together, whether professionally or personally. So, don’t wait! Whatever purpose you wish to choose, be it education, business expansion, humanitarian work, migration… Start learning with us right away!


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